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Name : Christian Kallias
Birthday : June 15th, 1975
Origin : Greece
Zodiac Sign : Gemini (Saga)
Place of birth : Geneva, Switzerland

Secondary home : Kaamo Club Space Station :)

Job : SysAdmin / System Engineer (Windows Servers / VMware / Storage)
Secondary : Starfighter :D (3000+ Kills on GOF2HD)

Passions : Drawing, writing, video games & music (Metal)... (once upon a time photography, but not lately)
Sports : Tennis (rarely now :( )
Languages : French, English & Greek (basic)

Favorite Food

Greek : Souvlakis, Kodosouvli, Moussaka, Taramosalata, Dolma, Keftes, Tzatziki,...
Chinese : Peking style duck, chicken with lemon sauce, Hot & crispy beef,...
Japanese : Sushis & Chirachis
Italian : Pastas in general, pizzas
American : Hamburgers (Road Runner, Inglewood, Holy Cow & homemade), American style pizzas (bring PIZZA HUT back in Switzerland !!!), Dominos (everything I liked was removed on the last menu refresh, so they are dead to me :) ), KFC (inverted kudos on changing all the good sauces with tasteless ones, wonder who are taking these stupid decisions, that applying only to the French restaurants I guess, but still. One word of advice : listen to your customers), Chic'Chicken (KFC like restaurant in Geneva, wish they had spicy wings though)...

Favorite Music
Metal : Lost Horizon (RIP as I don't see them coming back), X-Japan, Wintersun, Pretty Maids, Edguy, Axxis, Hammerfall, Manigance, Sonata Arctica, Virgin Steele, Nightwish, Ensiferum, Blackguard, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquility, Sentenced, Primal Fear, Iron Maiden, Euphoreon, Far Beyond, Crimson Shadows, Eclipse,... & tons more :)
Favorite Games

Platforms : Xbox 360, iPad, Playstation 3, PC, PSP, Vita & 3DS

Games : Galaxy on Fire, Halo, Street Fighter, God of War, Starcraft, Legend of Grimrock (and incidently Eye of the Beholder), Dragonball Z, Wing Commander, Elite, Uncharted, Devil May Cry, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Killzone, Diablo (on small doses), The Darkness, Crysis, Unreal Tournament, Bulletstorm, Darksiders, Cold Fear, Alan Wake, Alien Vs Predators (2000), Call of Duty, Doom, Quake, F.E.A.R (1), Portal, Virtua Tennis,...

Favorite Movies
All styles : The Matrix (not the trilogy, just the first movie), Phenomenon, The Rock, Days Of Thunder, Face Off, MI:1 to 4, Bad Boys 1 & 2, Star Trek : First Contact, Nemesis, Voyage Home, Star Wars (first trilogy), Indiana Jones (1 & 3), Die Hard trilogy, Back To The Future trilogy, Broken Arrow, The Secret Of My success, The Man In The Iron Mask, Armageddon, Sherlock Holmes (both), Avatar, John Carter, Chronicles of Riddick, Wing Commander, Con Air, ...
Favorite TV shows

Action : 24 (hoping for a movie soon), Prison Break, Nikita, Person of Interest, Human Target
Funny : Kaamelott, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Only Fools & Horses, Acropolis Now...
Sci-Fi : Babylon 5, Farscape, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Star Trek (all), Firefly, Andromeda,...
Mystery : The X-files, The 4400, Fringe.
Fantasy : Legend of the Seeker, Game of Thones
Police Drama : Sherlock, Castle (though it's getting repetitive now), The Following
Others : Supernatural
Animated : Dragonball Z (not a fan of GT), Saint Seiya (not Omega though !), Tron Uprising

Shows cancelled too soon : Firefly !!! Odyssey 5, Tron Uprising (shame on you Disney ! thumbs down for killing your BEST show) Caprica, Stargate Universe (SciFi can't get a break lately) ,Human Target,FlashForward, Invasion, Star Trek Enterprise, The Event, Terra Nova, Legend of the Seeker, Last Resort, Knight Rider, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas (can't believe this was cancelled and replaced by dum-as-a-bag-of-rocks Saint Seiya Omega)...