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KALLIAS-X is your all-in-one solution for any graphical needs you may have. Wherever you need artwork for a CD or DVD (illustrations, booklet layouts and artworks, logos, multimedia contents,... etc), illustrations for a book, a poster, even a custom project that would require any kind of illustration or design skills, then you've come to the right place. KALLIAS-X is dedicated to providing you the best artwork for your needs, at the best quality/price ratio possible. Unlike many companies out there, we don't specialize into one form of artwork only; instead we can deliver anything you need, from concept art to be used in video games, websites, advertisement campaign, even CG animations and special effects for any of your video demands. Art is multifaceted, and here at KALLIAS-X, there is no limit as per how we can serve your needs. Whenever you need artwork for your project, or even ideas / concept and even entire scenarios for your video games, movies or any other project that you hold dear : we'll deliver you what you need.

So no matter what type of graphics you may need for your project, even if you think its unrelated to what you've seen on this page, you can use our services to transform your ideas into reality !

If you need any more information about what type of services, price ranges or anything else, don't hesitate to
take contact with us through our contact page.