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Chris is the best artist DCA Recordings has ever worked with. He worked quickly without compromising quality, and patiently made any changes we requested, even if it was some very minute detail that only I would notice.

On our latest release, Winters Bane's Redivivus album, Chris came up with amazing images based on a few scattered ideas I had - with the resulting art work far exceeding what I or the band could have imagined. In fact, the band is now using the crest he created for the album art work as their logo instead of the Winters Bane name logo another artist had just created for them.

Everyone who has seen the Winters Bane art work - from fans to people at the CD manufacturing plant - have commented on how great they think the artwork is.

I highly recommend Chris, and will not hesitate in referring him to all of the bands on the label, as well as all of the musicians and industry people I deal with.

Eric Cerda
DCA Recordings

"I'm really glad about having worked with Chris again for the artwork of my new concept album KAILASH. He illustrated the concept story in a perfect way and it's exactly like I had it in mind for this CD. I'm already looking forward to working again with him!! "

Hubi J. Meisel

“We had a blast working with Chris on our latest CD and we look forward to work with him in the future”

Drop (Sybreed)

"Working with Chris has been a very pleasant experience. Chris knows how to go ahead by himself with his job once he's got the client's wishes, but he also knows when to listen to his client’s needs, even if it doesn't fit Chris' own idea. And as far as I know, it is a quality you're not about to find in many graphic artist out there. One more thing about working with Chris: he's not gonna say the job is done until every single detail has been checked at least twice :-) Some may call it being over zealous, I call it being professional."


"I would like to recommend you my favorite ART worker Chris “Saiyan” Kallias. He’s not only a very versatile and ingenious artist… he’s also the perfect choice when you have a certain vision in mind and are looking for the ONE who can realize it! Chris always lends you an open ear when you have some special suggestions while he’s realizing one of your dreams. I LOVE the work he did for my new album “EmOcean” and he’ll definitely be my choice again in the future!
This is really what I call ART FROM THE HEART."

Hubi Meisel

"Working with professional people, creates professional design and the Manticora CD was definitely a piece of art, composed by Chris "Saiyan" Kallias. We couldn't have asked for a better interpretation of the concept of Darkness..."

Lars Larsen (Manticora)